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Title:  Couch & Potatoes
Directors:  Chris Lam and Eunsoo Jeong
Time:  8:00
Category:  Animated Short, Student Film
Country:  USA
Year:  2012
Techniques:  Claymation, Stop-motion
Premiere:  2012 ASIFA-SF Spring Show



"Two TV-watching enthusiasts pioneer a clever way to live on their couch until an unexpected event hurls them back into their youthful past."



Couch & Potatoes is a film about pursuing one's passion.  Not only is it a central theme to the story, but it acted as the driving inspiration for the film's creation and production.  Before this project, a stop-motion film had never been attempted at our school due to the lack of resources and experience needed to make one.  We had both worked on various 2-D animated student films in the previous years, but always had a keen interest in using puppets and sets in our artwork.  When the idea for our film came about, we thought, this would be a perfect story to tell through stop-motion.

The semester before we came up with Couch & Potatoes, we had attended a class together taught by renowned illustrator, Barron Storey, in which we had many opportunities to collaborate on various projects and use more non-traditional mediums to drive our creativity.  After that class, we discovered our compatibility together to create and build amusing, intricate artwork, as well as a drive to push ourselves creatively.

The film was inspired by our own habits of working, eating, and often sleeping on our apartment couch during school.  Just as we drove ourselves to create a stop-motion, we wanted the characters to drive themselves to do what they love.  Our main goals for the film were to create endearing characters that display a level of ingenuity and creativity through their amusing lifestyle, and to challenge the viewer's initial ideas about who they are underneath their walleyed expressions.

It took nearly 6 non-consecutive months to complete the film from storyboards to post-production.  Although initially we wanted to collaborate with other students, at the time, many of our classmates were already involved with other films and simply could not afford the time.  We are truly thankful for those who provided the necessary resources and support to create the film, including fundamental equipment such as the digital camera, lighting kit, and housing for our set during school semesters.  If there is one thing to take from this production, it is that support and generosity is available to those who seek it.  With the completion of Couch & Potatoes, we as directors hope to inspire others to pursue their own passions, even if the idea presents itself to be challenging and impractical.  Creativity and experience is its own reward.  If you have an idea, go for it!



Chris Lam (Co-Director)
Chris Lam is a recent graduate from San Jose State University’s Animation/Illustration program. Growing up, he enjoyed drawing as a hobby, creating small comics for his family and friends. His education at SJSU was his first formal training in the field of animation, and transformed his hobby into a career choice and overall passion. He completed his final two years at SJSU working with peers and faculty on over ten animated short films. With a concentration in CG character animation, Chris aspires to collaborate with other artist and animators to create endearing films and memorable stories. His nickname is Clam, and he also collects rubber ducks.
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Eunsoo Jeong (Co-Director)
Eunsoo Jeong is a student at San Jose State University (SJSU) majoring in Animation/ Illustration. She has worked on various student animation shorts at SJSU as background artists since 2009 with Couch & Potatoes as her premiere film co-directed with Chris Lam. Initially concentrating in illustration, she values traditional painting and drawing skills. In 2010, her experience at California State University Summer Arts’ Toy Design class sparked her interest to pursue 3D computer modeling as well as building physical sets and toys. With her newly found interest, she continuously attempts to merge both forms of modeling and set construction into her work. She often enjoys dumpster-diving for materials to use in her projects. She was also born in Dae-Gu, South Korea.
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6th Philadelphia Asian American Film Festival
13 to 23 November, 2013 - Philadelphia, PA

3rd Intl Film Festival Manhattan
17 to 20 October, 2013 - Manhattan, NY

4th AniBar Intl Animation Festival
09 to 14 August, 2013 - Peja, Kosovo

36th Asian American Int'l Film Festival
24 July to 03 August, 2013 - New York, NY
Nominated - Excellence in Fiction Short Filmmaking

12th Asian Film Festival of Dallas
11 to 18 July, 2013 - Dallas, TX
Winner - Best Animated Short

Society of Illustrators: 2013 Student Scholarship
15 May to 5 June, 2013 - New York, NY
First Place - Animation Category

40th Student Academy Awards
24 April, 2013 - Portland, OR (Region One Finalist Screening)
National Finalist - Animation Category

6th Portland Oregon Women's Film Festival
7 to10 March, 2013 - Portland, OR

Asians On Film Festival
15 to 17 February, 2013 - North Hollywood, CA
Winner - Animated Short Category
Winner - 2012 Fall Awards - Animated Short Category

CreaTV San Jose's The Creative Awards
5 January, 2013 - San Jose, CA
Finalist - Student 19+ Category

22nd CSU Media Arts Festival
10 November, 2012 - Fullerton, CA
Fourth Place Winner - Animation Category

4th SoDak Animation Festival
17 to 10 October, 2012 - Brookings, SD

2nd Palo Alto Int'l Film Festival
27 to 30 September, 2012 - Palo Alto, CA
Grand Prize Winner - PAIFF/Technicolor Award

2nd Ruby Mountain Film Festival
27 to 30 September, 2012 - Elko, NV

Annual ASIFA-SF Spring Show
15 June, 2012 - San Francisco, CA
Excellence in Humor Award - College Student Category