About The Film

Couch & Potatoes tells the tale of two TV-watching enthusiasts who pioneer a clever way to live on their couch until an unexpected event hurls them back into their youthful past.

The film took nearly 6 months to make and was completed in Summer 2012 by Chris Lam and Eunsoo Jeong, at the time, both animation/illustration students attending San Jose State University (SJSU).  The film marks SJSU's first stop-motion animated short.

The idea for the film was first explored by the directors
in a sketchbook drawing back in Winter 2010

Production took place over the directors' summer and winter breaks; Lam and Jeong resourcefully designed and built each character, prop and set, developed the storyboards and artwork, and shot each scene in their apartments.

Through their efforts, Lam and Jeong hope to inspire other students and filmmakers to produce other stop-motion animations and explore more non-traditional mediums.