Production Photos

The final character designs of the two couch potatoes.  Large eyes, long arms, and small feet were ideal choices to emphasize a TV-watching lifestyle.

Ideations for the couch and television.  Taking place in the 90s, the apartment and props needed to feel as if they had been purchased and used over the previous few decades.

Building a puppet for the first time.  The armature was made with wood, foam, ping-pong balls and wire.  In the end, only two puppets were used for the entire production, though other protoypes had been built as test.

Eunsoo's line of props.  Although many of the props are only seen in the film for a few seconds, much thought was put into the tiniest details such as the books and refrigerator decorations, which give viewers a lot of insight into the characters' history.  Over a hundred props were made for the film, with plenty of Easter eggs hidden throughout the set.

The film was shot entirely in the directors' apartment.  Productions challenges included frequently bumping the camera, expired batteries, light bulb shortages, and fractures to the puppet armatures.

Storyboard to final shot.  Specific sequences were animated in order depending on what props had already been built since both were being done simultaneously.

 Ideations for the characters' past growing up in the 70s.  Some pictures were directly inspired by the directors' parents as well as the directors themselves.